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Our monthly SEO packages include tried and tested strategies that will protect your website from Google’s algorithm updates. We have combined the most effective SEO strategies that have been proven to work.

Google’s search algorithm is constantly being updated to reflect the most recent trends and techniques in online interaction. This can cause stress for business owners who don’t have a system that will automatically adjust their websites to remain searchable, despite the changes.

Our SEO services include a variety of techniques to increase your geographical address and/or service region, as well as building trust and authority for the website. This will allow your website and Google listing to rank higher in search results for people living in a larger area. Only local businesses are eligible for our services. This is our specialty. Our track record speaks for themselves.

Google displays a Google My Business (GMB) listing when it determines that a search intent is to find a local provider. This usually consists of the three highest ranked providers on Google Maps, also called the “3 pack”.

Over 50% of clicks for a search are sent to the businesses in the three pack. This can help increase traffic Increase lead generation by adding to your website. Silver Linings goal is not to produce impressive google analytics. and website traffic. We measure our success by the growth of your business.