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Google My Business Optimisation


Optimising your Google listing will not only target the top ranking factors of your online presence but also cover certain off-page optimisation methods that occur away from your site. This is a great way to gain traction in today’s search engine optimisation market.
After we have analyzed the data and created a plan to improve your rankings, we can get started. Our team will review your website’s content and make any necessary improvements to increase conversions. We will create content that is valuable to users and write SEO-friendly copy.
To ensure your success, we will perform a review of your GMB listing. The following will be examined: Is your business name correctly entered? Does it look consistent across all platforms (Google and Bing, etc.)?
Is your address correct? Are your phone numbers, opening hours, and taglines correct?
Are your categories complete and accurate?
Is your website linked to this listing?
If so, is it valid NAP citation (Name, Address, and Phone Number) Does your GMB profile include all the necessary information (hours of operation and services offered)? )?
Does your GMB page have the right information and rich snippets? star ratings, images etc. )?