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Advanced G-Stack


Our Google Stacks SEO strategy helps you create backlinks between Google properties and other entities such as the company‘s site. To increase the search engine’s understanding and rankings of your website and business we use Google stacks. We will create google properties (document, pdf, spreadsheet, slide, map, drawing, form), we will post them to other sites, and we will embed youtube videos and maps. To maximise authority, all of our properties have been properly optimise and linked. Finally, we will interlinking all properties on Google site.

Your questions answered

From an SEO perspective, using the Google Domain and Trust is a great way to increase your rankings and get more traffic to your site. Using Google Drive Stacks allows you to use the power of the Google Domain and Trust to promote your website both through increased rankings and having additional ranking properties in search results. Each of the documents you create on either of the Google Drive tools are then stored inside the drive. You can then publicly or privately share each of the documents. All of these elements can pass some link juice and can be indexed, but because of the update it has been a little trickier.